the basics
first of all, we are more than certain that everyone knows the basic rules of rp. we expect that you come into this game with an open mind, and with the intention of being friendly, active, and dedicated to the game. we shouldn't need to tell you not to cross any ic/ooc lines, and to not cause any unwanted drama.

We are a welcoming, diverse group of writers who's main focus and interest here is to have fun and enjoy the world we're creating and the characters which we are writing. astorea is a plot heavy/writing heavy rp community, and we hope you will enjoy this with us!

This will be a mature/18+ rp because it will be dealing with a lot of mature themes such as violence and horror. By joining you are confirming with us that you are of the right age to write with us.
activity and writing
activity is one of the main things that keeps a game running for a long time. If you are active, then you won't have to worry much about what counts towards activity and what doesn't. Basically, just participate with the community by writing and interacting in ooc discussions, and you should be okay!

Writing here should be done in third person, because this is what we are most comfortable with and because it is the easiest method for writing. we won't provide a word count, but please try to have some substance to your replies -- we do not accept one liners!

currently there is no limit to how many characters you may have, but please keep in mind that you will have to be active with them all. we don't know your life schedule, and as such, we expect you to take into consideration what you can and cannot handle or keep up with. also, we require you to make a new profile for each character. if you would like to have one profile to list all of your characters, that is fine, so long as you can keep track of everything going on with them and within the community!

at the end of every month, we will post an activity check in the ooc forums, usually in the form of some kind of ooc discussion. you will be reqiured to reply to this, as it will show us that you are active and participating within the community. failure to reply to this will result in immediate removal.
claims and characters
played by/face claims: basically, this is something which you will use to represent what your character will look like: please note that we require you to use actual celebrities rahter than art for your character's claim. good examples would be daniel radcliffe, jason momoa, kit harington, etc.

as for character rules: we do not allow stu/sue type characters ie: perfect characters. if we feel your character is breaking this rule, we will confront you about it. as such, do not god-mod/power play/control the actions, thoughts, etc of other characters. this will result in an immediate warning.
to join, you will need to fill out an application and email it to us for review. acceptance will be mostly based on your writing overall, but characterization will be taken into account as well. While we might seem as though we are strict, we want you to know that we really are quite the opposite! why such a strenuous application? because we want to know that you can write with us, and we also want to know that you have a good handle on your character before bringing them into such a plot heavy, writing-focused rp!
first and foremost in rp, we understand that real life comes first, and we respect this. however, like mentioned above, we do expect a ceretain level of activity to be done within the community, and we expect that you do not take on more than you can handle. with that being said, inactivity is the biggest reason anyone will be removed from the community. however, if removed for inactivity, you are more than welcome to reapply and come back, assuming you can handle it!

warnings system: we will be allowing for six warnings before you will be removed permenantly from the community. unlike being removed for inactivity, the warning system will be ab it more severe -- we will try to be rather liberal on the warnings, as it is going to be used mostly as a way of telling you that you have breached a rule or offended someone and that we are warning you to stop. if you power play/god-mod, harass or insult someone, bring in any unnecessary drama etc, you will be warned for the alotted amount of times (six times), before being removed from the community.